Wheat Paste Street Art in The Paseo Arts District
May 30, 2013

The latest street art to grace the urban byways of Oklahoma City is a wonderful wheat paste in The Paseo by artist Sam Douglas. It’s located on Walker Avenue just south of NW 30th Street outside the Twisted Root Gallery.

.Artist Sam Douglas created the telescope in his sketchbook, and later enlarged, transferred and affixed to this trash dumpster. The process is often referred to as wheat-pasting. It was raining so this photo is really blurry and doesn't do the telescope justice.
The trash dumpster presented a negative situation. By doing something positive with it, the artist provides the community with a two-fold blessing. We’re no longer weighed down by the eyesore, and the wheat-paste graffiti becomes a positive force because it inspires and entertains us.

While photographing the dumpster Sam showed up to help me close the bin lids. I didn’t get a chance to talk with him for very long because it started raining. It’s always great to make contact with the street artist. It’s the best part about writing about graffiti in OKC
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